This is my personal blog. I’ll do my best to keep it updated but I make no promises! Posts are likely to be a mix of programming, data visualisation, statistics and personal topics.


Blog posts

Package sites

Here are some links to R packages I’ve written or contributed to:

  • CRAN packages:

    Package Description Badge
    heatmaply Interactive cluster heatmaps in R. CRAN status
    bayefdr Bayesian estimation and optimisation of expected FDR and expected FNR. CRAN status
    contrast Contrasts for linear models in R. CRAN status
  • Bioconductor:

    Package Description Devel Release
    snifter R wrapper for the python openTSNE library implementing fast interpolated t-SNE.
    densvis Density-preserving non-linear dimensionality reduction methods.
    scater Single cell analysis toolkit.
    BASiCS Bayesian model for analysis of single-cell sequencing data.
  • Misc: